Observation Hall (3rd Floor)

Situated 20 meters above the ground, the third floor of the Rokkasho Visitors Center affords a breathtaking, 360-degree panorama.
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What’s the nuclear fuel cycle !?

Natural uranium, which is excavated from mines and then brought to the refining and conversion plants, only contains 0.7 percent of the so-called ''burnable'' uranium, U-235. In order that it may be used as fuel in nuclear power plants, then it is necessary to increase the ratio of U-235 to between 3 and 5 percent. That is the job of the uranium enrichment plant at Rokkasho-mura. It is later brought to the reconversion and fabrication plants to be fabricated into nuclear fuel, which can be used for three or four years in nuclear power plants.

Once the nuclear fuel has been spent, the materials include both the residual unburnt uranium and plutonium, which is newly produced in the process. Since plutonium is partially nuclear fissible, it can be used as fuel in nuclear power plants, too. Once that is spent, then, the residual unburnt uranium and newly produced plutonium are again reprocessed to make new fuel.

This process, which can be done over and over again, is called the ''nuclear fuel cycle''.

The second floor also features games and toys related to science.
Take your time on this floor and enjoy the exhibits.